The future of Society and the Internet in the Netherlands and Europe


--Need for a structural approach on the Internet

Solutions with an eagle view



NL- Plaza Netherlands has been developing analyses, visions, recommendations and solutions for international, national and local developments, possibilities and issues relating to the Internet and the Internet industry since the 1990s, at a strategic, tactical and operational level.

After the 1990s, the Internet and the Internet industry developed explosively and erratically from the US internationally, Europeanly and nationally, with great influence and positive and negative consequences for politics, society, economy, etc. in the Netherlands and Europe.

The focus of developments on the Internet was, in the past from the start, not on support for society and citizens, but mainly on services from media companies with a focus on "shareholders value" and "customer control".

The Government has kept aloof for years under pressure from the technically oriented Internet society and industry colonization by the US.

What developments, possibilities and issues have it brought to the Netherlands and Europe, how have we dealt with them and what does the future hold for our society?

What has the development of Social Media meant for international and national politics, society, economy, marketing, consumers, companies, service providers, small businesses, society, government, security and privacy and are there strategic alternatives for the future?

Nowadays there is hesitantly more attention to social influence, but still a lack of a clear vision in The Government.

What role can and should the Internet industry in the Netherlands and Europe play in these strategic alternatives?

NL- Plaza Netherlands
The future National platform for local, regional and national communities, E-Commerce, communication with the government and other service providers.

For private individuals also mutual social contacts with their own safe, privat identity on the Internet and on European safe and transparent platforms.



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